How to Get the Girlfriend You Really Want
Discover Yourself First

When you are looking for the girl of your dreams, your attention is purely focused on her. You look at her aesthetics and her personality to see if she is someone that you could have a long-term relationship with. If you are reading this, then it is most likely the case that you have not found the right woman for you for a variety of reasons!

This is why the first step in getting the girlfriend you really want relies on you taking the focus away from your hunt for the perfect girlfriend. You have to know yourself inside out before you will find the right partner for you. You need to establish what your qualities, likes and dislikes are so that you can then move on to finding the perfect woman for you.

Part of the process of finding the girl that you really want and deserve to be with means analysing your own life. If you are not happy before you get a girlfriend, then having a girlfriend is not going to make the slightest bit of difference; you have to be truly comfortable with all other aspects of your life before you can ask anyone else to join it.

The best way to check if your life is balanced and that you are ready to find the girlfriend of your dreams is to sit down and think about you. Have a pen and paper to hand and write down all of your qualities. Note down the best things about you – are you funny, intelligent, caring, diligent or quirky? Next you need to identify those things in your life that make you happy and the activities that you like to do. Perhaps you enjoy a spot of rock climbing or like to go to the movies once a week. Identifying what you like to do in your spare time will make you think more about finding someone who is compatible with the lifestyle that you already have. You want a woman who has some of the same interests as you so that you have something in common from the off. The final part of the process of discovering who you really are is to note down all of the things that could be improved about you and your life (besides not having the perfect girlfriend).

If you find that there are areas that need to be confronted and issues that need to be resolved to make you happy, then deal with these first before you set out on your quest to find that perfect mate. Once your house is in order, then your love life stands a better chance of falling into place. You can then start to meet the right kind of girls who could turn out to be potential long-term partners.

Essentially, you also need to have some sort of balance in your life. Do you work too much or do you play too hard? A workaholic will be doomed from the start of a potential relationship as they can’t afford to spend the much needed quality time with the potentially perfect woman. Similarly, someone who likes to party hard all through the week does not have the right balance in their life. They may neglect their health and lack any interest in hobbies, which is sure to turn the ladies off.

Before you can discover and get the girlfriend that you really want, you need to be able to go through this process and come out feeling satisfied and comfortable at the other end. Once this is achieved, you are ready to take the next step!

“I tried this approach as I was getting absolutely nowhere with the ladies. I spent many unhappy hours trying to figure out what I really wanted and why I was unable to achieve my dream of meeting the perfect girl for me. By analyzing myself I was able to make my head a lot clearer and it was a breath of fresh air to know what direction I had to move in when it came to getting a proper girlfriend.” – David Johnson, California.

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