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E-books Reviewed


How to Be A Lady Killer

by Ann May


Without a doubt the number one product that you should be splashing your hard earned cash on is “How to Be A Lady Killer”. This e-book is a comprehensive guide on how to read women like a book and has been written by a woman to give you all of womankind’s most intimate hidden secrets. If you are tired at being a loser in love or simply just want to spend the evening having some of the greatest sex of your life, then learning the seduction pyramid techniques laid out in this guide will mean that you never have to wake up alone again. It is the e-book to have and will give you the confidence you need to approach women and stop them from being poached by the competition.



How to Become An Alpha Male
by John Alexander


How to be An Alpha Male” takes out all of the hard work and effort in getting the women that you want. You can use these psychological techniques to your advantage and end up with some of the most gorgeous women around going home to your bed. You will no longer feel like a loser and you can even steal some attractive women off of their current boyfriends by using these powerful principle!



How to Flirt With Women
by Steve Scott


How to Flirt with Women” is the best product to get if you are looking to brush up on your flirting skills. We all think we are the best flirts in the world but this e-book shows us that we have much more to learn. The tips and techniques offered by the author will help you to manipulate a woman’s overpowering emotional side and "help" her decide that she is going home with you tonight!



Your Thai Girl

by Martin Hurley


The e-book “Your Thai Girl” shows you the best way to find a great Thai girl for a long term relationship. You will be told of all of the secret attractions that Thai women have towards Western men and why they will do almost anything that you ask. It is a comprehensive guide which helps you to learn all about the Thai culture and how you can live a happy and stress free life with a beautiful Thai girl.



Guy Gets Girl by Tiffany Taylor


Guy Gets Girl” is another guide which has been written by a woman. She has betrayed her kind to give us men the hidden secrets and desires that all women have. Once you have mastered the skills and have learned the techniques to get any woman lusting after you, you will be glad that you took this author’s advice. You need to throw away that nice guy image and work on knowing women so intrinsically that you know how they tick better than they do themselves!



Make Women Laugh And Fall In Love
by Martin Merrill


This next product may seem a quirky and unique one but “Make Women Laugh and Fall In Love” delves deep into the minds of women and explores the notion that women can find any man attractive so long as he is funny. If you have the power to be able to make a woman laugh on a regular basis, then you are in for a great time with lots of lovely ladies. Laughter is the best medicine it would seem!



How to Be Her Best Lover
by John Alexander


We all like to think that we are sex gods in the sack but you may just get the feeling that your partner is not totally enjoying herself, This is where the “How to Be Her Best Lover Ever” e-book comes in very handy. It details why women may be unhappy with their sex lives and how you can turn all of that around. Use these simple techniques and you can have her begging for more every night of the week.


How to Be Irresistible to Women

by James Bradley


If you are in a steady relationship and are facing issues with your partner, you may be looking for a helping hand. The e-book “How to Be Irresistible to Women” is a great resource which helps to put your relationship back together. You can pinpoint areas that need to change and it can help you feel attractive to your partner again. This e-book is not just for those with a partner already – it is jam packed with useful strategies, techniques and advice for single men to get the attractive woman that they desire.



How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery Series
by James Bradley


Similarly, the e-book “How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery Series”, can be used by single and married guys alike. This is a wealth of information, advice, techniques, principles and strategies that have been offered up by some of the biggest names in the business. Several experts were called in by author and the best bits have all been rolled into one easy to use and comprehensive e-book that will leave you in no doubt that you can get the girl of your dreams.



Forever Laid
by Taylor Timms


For the ultimate in education on how to seduce women quickly and efficiently, you should look no further than the “Forever Laid” e-book. This guide outlines the need to inject some fun into your life and to those of the women you meet in order to be guaranteed one of the best sexual experiences of your life. You can come across as a challenge and all women relish a challenge; thus you will not be going home alone ever again.



How to Find and Marry a Russian Girl
by Elena Petrova


Finding an international woman can be a difficult and costly task. Many men fail before they reach the first hurdle and it can be confusing as to what went wrong. By reading “How to Find and Marry A Russian Girl Like Me”, written by a Russian woman married to a Western man, you will have all the relevant information you need to be able to capture the heart of the right Russian woman. No process and step is left out and you can be sure that you will never fail in your attempt to bag that sexy Russian minx ever again.



Understanding Japanese Women: Complete Guide To Dating Japanese Women

by David J Radtke


If your taste is geared towards Japanese women, then you will be lost without owning a copy of “Understanding Japanese Women”. These Eastern women are a different kettle of fish when it comes to dating and you can gleam all the essential information you need to know in order to have a happy and successful relationship from the experienced author..