Understanding Japanese Women: Complete Guide To Dating Japanese Women

by David J Radtke


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It is an undeniable fact that oriental women, in particular Japanese women, have an alluring and mysterious aura around them. They are elegantly beautiful with wonderfully slender figures and hold much mystery in those deep-set eyes. The only problem is, is that Japanese women come from a completely different culture to those of us in the West - and this can create issues with interracial relationships.

The views and values that Japanese women have about love, marriage and relationships is so different to that of women in the West. Most of it is down to the traditions and culture that they come from and if we do not understand their way of life, it can make it intrinsically difficult to hold down a relationship with them.

This is why the author has created a comprehensive e-book which show you

How to Explode All of The Barriers That Sit in 
The Way of a Great Relationship with Japanese Women

It is solely based on how to understand those women of Japanese origin – after all not all Asian women are they same or look for the same things in their relationships.

It is an exquisite guide that is not designed to help you bed a Japanese woman. It has been designed to help you understand where she comes from and what her beliefs are about love and relationships. It can be a great asset to help you approach a Japanese woman and understand why she gives the responses that she does. It can be confusing knowing where any woman is “coming from” and this is no less true when it comes to Japanese women. David J. Radtke has taken all of the quandaries and puzzlement out of the process and will help you to build that long lasting relationship with the Japanese woman of your dreams.

There are many aspects of Japanese women that are fundamentally different from those of Western women. For starters, they have their own body language which requires skill and knowledge to be able to decipher correctly. There are also guidelines about how often you should contact your girlfriend if she is Japanese. One of the best pieces of advice is how to show your girlfriend that you care for her in a way that she will truly understand as an Oriental woman.

The author has a Japanese wife and has been an advisor in Japan for many, many years, so it is safe to say that he knows what he is talking about. He has a complete grasp of how tough these types of interracial relationships can be and he has lots of sound advice to help you have a happy and stable relationship with a Japanese woman.

If you have always dreamed of starting a relationship with a Japanese woman or are in the throws of one that isn’t going as well as you hoped, then “Understanding Japanese Women” is a must have purchase. It will help you to ascertain exactly what is involved in a Japanese woman’s life and how you should respect and understand her desires and needs (which differ so much from those of Western women). This is an invaluable resource and without it you are likely to have failed relationships which will leave you heart broken.

Not only is the e-book a very good price ($25.95) but you also get additional guides as part of the package at no extra cost. There are five other books included covering a range of topics including how to read a woman’s body language, how to have confidence when talking to women and how to get your body in great shape so that you are more attractive to women. Another great plus is that any updates to the material in the future will be provided free of charge to you after you have bought the package.



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